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OF BLOOD AND WINE - Vampyres & Other Bedtime Attractions


"What tempts you in the gloom of eventide?"

Infused with gloomy guitar melodies, hauntingly brooding low vocals, and evocative synths, Of Blood and Wine transports listeners to a realm where vampyric tales and gothic themes come to life from the tomb. With a dedication to reviving the original feeling of gothic music, Of Blood and Wine embodies the mysterious and dark allure of the genre.

Vampyres and Other Bedtime Attractions 02:10
It's Not Halloween 04:20
Feast of Blood 05:23
Evelyn 04:18
Daybreak Phobia 04:10
Bloodlines 05:05
Bella Blue 05:43
I'm a Vampire 05:09
My Girlfriend's a Vampire 04:42
My Girlfriend's a Vampire (616 Edit) (Bonus Track) 06:16

CDr in a classic jewel case.

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