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RECOLLECTION - Through the Veil of Future Past


Recollection's debut 2022 album contains seven atmospheric tracks of dark, nostalgia-driven post-metal. "Through the Veil of Future Past" takes the listener on a trip down the memory lane, twisting and morphing the timeline into a fractal coil.

Melodic guitar lines and layered clean vocals contrast the harsher dark metal elements. "Through the Veil of Future Past" is for fans of atmospheric metal in the vein of Agalloch, UADA, Alcest, Drudkh etc.

Memories (Fast Forward & Rewind) 06:33
An Offering of Sanguine 05:21
The Moor Behind Mist 03:45
Through the Veil of Future Past 04:55
Reflections 04:54
Song for Fire 03:11
Hypermnesia 06:24

CDr in a classic jewel case. Comes with a leaf paper insert containing lyrics and artwork.

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