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FAR FROM REMAINS - The Mountainside Breeze


Far From Remains' second full length album continues along the lines of old-school neofolk, with more atmospheric and ambient elements added to the mix. The album works as a soundtrack for the transition from Winter to Spring.

From the coldness of wintery mountains to the thawing snow of woodlands painted gold, Far From Remains delivers another heathen offering of dark neofolk.

The Temple of Gods 03:28
Sixteen Elements 03:38
Midwinter Melancholy 03:25
Nuuttipukki 03:33
This Wretched Cabin 02:20
Far From Remains & Into the Frost - Come the Spring 02:04
Saffron Sol 02:33
Heralds of the Mountainside Breeze 04:25
Heralds of the Mountainside Breeze (Sea & Tempest Mix) 04:44

CDr in a classic jewel case.

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