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Various Artists - Songs From Savo-Karelia vol. II


Volume 2 of our annual neofolk compilation. Featuring unique & atmospheric neofolk tracks from nine different artists.

It's Production Time - Katkelma Kalevalan ensimmäisestä runosta 02:23
Far From Remains - Darksome Sariola 03:38
Margraf - Ukko's Ax 03:32
Lauluntekijä - Jouluntekijä 02:20
Virrentakoja - Kalman päästö 03:20
Vetten Runotar - 16 vuotta 01:52
Into the Frost - Summer's Wanderer 02:18
Savo-Karelian Enigmas - Savo-Karelian Consensus 01:47
Ukon Vakka - Katkelma Kalevalan viimeisestä runosta 05:40


CDr in a jacket case.

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