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Various Artists - Songs From Savo-Karelian : A Neofolk Compilation


Featuring unique & atmospheric neofolk tracks from nine different artists.

Lauluntekijä - Luista, jouhista, hampaista 02:19
Far From Remains - Solstice Rain 05:29
Into the Frost - To a Faraway Land 02:29
Virrentakoja - Painajaisen sanat 04:30
Savo-Karelian Enigmas - Lament for Oss 03:18
Poganske Pravljice - Proteus Anguinus 03:41
From the Furnace - In the Court-Room 03:54
Vetten Runotar - 17 vuotta 02:12
Sun Close By - Last Sun Down 02:11

CDr in a jacket case.

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