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Far From Remains - Solar / Lunar Consensus (Double EP)


Mixing acoustic and synthetic elements into a blend of atmospheric & ambient neofolk, Far From Remains weaves a concept album based on the metonic cycle. Mystery, mysticism & folklore are channeled through the ethereal sounds of the acoustic guitar, while synthesizers and reverberated vocals paint landscapes of days bygone and yet to come.

Dayless Day 01:55
Solstice Snowfall 01:44
Ice Crystal Forms 00:37
Midwinter Fires 02:07
Darksome Sariola 03:38
Wood-Magik 01:15
M​ā​no 05:48
Lunar Consensus 01:37

Nightless Night 03:32
Solstice Rain 05:29
Dewdrop Trembles 01:48
Midsummer Fires 02:51
The Minstrel's Song 03:14
Wytch of the Woods 02:46
Sunna 03:23
Solar Consensus 02:59

CDr in a jacket case with a natural leaf paper insert.

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