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Vampyric Draugr - Satanic Rituals & Blood Oaths


Vampyric Draugr's debut demo album is a grim trip through old-school black metal scapes.

Dark. Raw. Satanic.

Ritualia Satanica 01:21
Initiation 03:43
The Night I Fell Into a Trance and Became Obsessed With Blood 07:49
Black Star, Black Moon 02:12
Satan Supreme 05:52
Iuramenta Sanguinis 02:19
Unholy Rituals of the Vampyric Countess (Demo 2021) (free) 03:06
Satanic Valentine (Demo 2019) 03:46

CDr in a classic jewel case with slipcover handmade of black cardboard.

Will ship within 12 days of placing order (USPS Media Mail)

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