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Manta Manta & Utra Beach Bar Boys - New Wave of Surf Rock

Midsummer is drawing near, which means it is time for our annual surf rock release."New Wave of Surf Rock" consists of 14 unique & versatile surf songs - each track striving to capture a different feeling. Ranging from traditional surf to more atmospheric and experimental tracks to even folk surf, this album is sure to have something for every enjoyer of instrumental indie rock.


Jpn srf clb
Surf's up at sunset
Surfin saimaa
Pacific city
Heatwave surfer
Bagby hot springs
Riptide rocker
Outback kick out
Utra beach bar boys
Pyramid surf
South pole pit dive
Fool on a board
Cosmic tide
Through the Azure Vapors

Bagby hot springs (Sunshine Mix)

CD exclusive bonus: Through the Azure Vapors (Jpn Srf Clb Mix)

Product information:

Format: CDr (album)

Packaging: CDr in jacket case. Comes with a protective plastic sleeve. [PLEASE NOTE! This is NOT a vinyl, but a CD that's designed to look like a vinyl.]

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