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VIRRENTAKOJA - Kirouksia ja kuolinlauluja


Drop out of life with shaman drum in hand.

Kirouksia ja kuolinlauluja (Finnish for Curses and Deathsongs) is a musical ritual depicting the spirit of ancient Finnish magic and heathenry. Drawing inspiration from the rich and enigmatic verses of Suomen Kansan Vanhat Runot archives, the album delves deep into the world of spells and curses, particularly those dealing with death. Traditional instruments like the kantele and the jouhikko are employed to evoke the spirits of yesteryears, while the driving force of repetitive, massive ritual drumming adds an entrancing, otherworldly dimension to the music.

Pimiähän Pohjolahan 04:25
Tuonen väen nostatus 04:03
Lepo kuolleille, rauha eläville 04:37
Luinen lukko, lihainen linna 03:23
Uinutkohot uupunehet 04:03
Kalman päästö 03:20
Painajaisen sanat 03:17
On kirstu kiinni pantu 03:14

CDr in a classic jewel case with a natural leaf paper insert containing lyrics.

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