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HELLVNTAI CHAPTER II: Atmospheric Black Metal Compilation

HELLVNTAI CHAPTER II contains dark, atmospheric tracks from 9 different artists. From desolate landscapes to ethereal realms, immerse yourself in the haunting melodies and chilling atmospheres that define this sinister sonic experience.


Bensalenkkari - Yövuoro
Mana Nexus - Seasonal rebirth
63°5'39.194N, 29°48'31.604E - Echoes of fall
Dream Projector - ColDays
Gargoili - Baldraz
Lykantropia - Cascadian Lycanthropy
Örinä - Tuutulaulu

Helvetin Sirkvs - Hellcome to the Show
Recollection - Hypermnesia

Product information:

Format: CDr (album)
Packaging: Classic jewelcase

This is a preorder. The items will ship starting 1st of June, 2024.

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