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Gargoili - Gallery of Memories (CD)

Gargoili's 'Gallery of Memories' album was originally released in 2022. Now available on CD for the first time, this version on the album has been remastered with a slightly alternative tracklist.

Gargoili's style of music is raw, yet atmospheric black metal, performed with the seriousness of a granite statue. There are spirits in the stone, and those spirits are the fuel that Gargoili channels through its music.

Morbid Icon


Gallery of Memories

Prague MDXLI


Chalice of Lies

Spirit & Stone


The Black Goat

Sutek Henen (Bonus track exclusive to the CD)

Product information:

Format: CDr (album)
Packaging: Classic jewelcase

This is a preorder. The items will ship starting 1st of June, 2024.

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