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LAGUZ RUNE - An Arduous Quest


"Set on thine path by pure nesting instinct, thou takest the role of a wild creature from the days of yore. Prepare for a journey through ample riverbanks and thick woodlands in thy quest for a fitting burrow…"

This is Laguz Rune's debut release, remastered to celebrate its 5th anniversary. The remastered version includes two additional tracks: Quiet Aeons was the first track ever composed for the project by T. Heikkinen as a tribute to Nest, whose music sparked the idea to start this kantele-driven folk band. Laguz' Runedance on the other hand was written by T. Heikkinen and A. Vartiainen as a tribute to the legendary Hagalaz' Runedance after Andrea Meyer's tragic death in 2021. May thou rest in peace.

Setting Forth at Sunrise 05:46
Forlorn Waterfall 03:51
The Wolven Path 02:16
Into the Dreary Night 03:00
Nesting... 05:06
Quiet Aeons 04:20
Laguz' Runedance 03:11

CDr in a classic jewel case.

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