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GOTHROG - The Trees Have Secrets, Like Tattered Shadows

Gothrog takes the listener on a journey through woodlands painted gold by the setting springtime sun, whilst passing through darksome dungeons and treacherous waters alike.

Includes both "The Trees Have Secrets" full-length album and the "Like Tattered Shadows" demo EP.


By the Woodland Realms 05:28
Springtime Paints Them Gold 02:16
Deep Understanding 05:58
Dark Throne Rising 03:52
Dungeons & Necromancy 05:02
The Trees Have Secrets 07:27
Compass of the Heart 01:43
...and Rivers 03:19
Shattered Reflection 01:58
The Forsaken Swamp 01:05
In the Marshes They Lie 03:20
Like Tattered Shadows 02:06


CDr in a classic jewel case.

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